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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Bubblegum Crisis 4: Revenge Road
Priss sticking out her tongue. High
Bubblegum Crisis 5: Moonlight Rambler
Priss' confused look as Linna suggests she could quit her job and become Priss' manager. The layer with Nene would be a bonus. High
Priss glomping Nene and Linna as she introduces them to Sylvie. High
Priss shooting Sylvie. High
Bubblegum Crisis 6: Red Eyes
Close-up shot of Priss as she starts to get up and run towards Typhoon II to get her new suit. Very High
Priss crying after Anri stabs her. High
Bubblegum Crisis 8: Scoop Chase
OP pan shot of Priss sprawled out in bed. High
Gall Force
Cels of any of the original seven girls (Lufy, Rumy, Eluza, Pony, Catty, Patty, and Rabby), but especially Lufy and Rumy! Medium
Scramble Wars
Cels of the Knight Sabers (of course), and cels of Rumy or Lufy, and maybe Boomer-kun too. Medium

Curator: Priss-chan
Gallery Created: 9/17/2002
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