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Congratulations! You're the winner of a concussion!
last modified: Friday, July 04, 2008 (12:11:33 PM CST)
Alas, I think mine came it's certainly WORN out its welcome. You see, this is my THIRD ONE!! o_o;

A rundown on my previous two, if you will:

4/11/04: I was getting into my mom's car, and I didn't duck down far enough. BAM. Ouch.

1/20/06: In the stockroom at work, an older coworker was up on a ladder putting some boxes up on the highest shelf. He accidentally loses his grip on a 20-pound box of shirts. Said box falls and lands right on top of my head. In addition to a concussion, I sprain my neck and aggravate an old back injury. Some people said I was lucky I didn't snap my neck.

My third one was two and a half days ago, late on July 1st, and probably the stupidest one yet. My b/f was laying in bed, and he rolled over and bonked his head on mine.

[Me] Ow!
[Him] *one hand to his head* Ah! I saw stars!

And who's the one hurting since? ME!! He thinks I'm being melodramatic but I know a concussion when I feel one. This one may not be as bad as the first one, but hey, it still hurts, dangit.

Yep, the excitement never stops in Priss-chan's world!
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Anyone seen some missing BGC cels? (#3)
last modified: Friday, June 20, 2008 (3:23:50 PM CST)
Wish I could say Toru's found my missing batch, but he hasn't. Heck, he hasn't even replied to my e-mails asking if anyone he's e-mailed has admitted to getting them by mistake. I finally sent an e-mail last night saying that if he hasn't found them yet, then to go ahead and refund my money.

Naturally, he hasn't replied to that either. Maybe he's too busy with his job or is genuinely still looking (or is afraid of me, lol). I have no way of knowing.

Not all is bad in Priss-chan's world though. A guy I know e-mailed me saying a certain company had a booth at Fanime and had BGC and Scramble Wars cels for cheap, and encouraged me to e-mail them since they don't have cels on their website. I did so, and so far I've gotten one scan of one cel, which made me squee big-time and which I agreed to buy right away. The others were still packed away from the con but I'm supposed to be getting those scans sometime today. Wonder if there's any more gems in there just waiting for me to get my hands on...

(FWIW, that one cel is of Anri in the fake Nene suit. Never was looking for that shot, but after I saw it, how could I resist? The price was right too.)

Which company? I can't say. Wouldn't want anybody snatching these out from under me, after all! Maybe I'll confess after I've taken my picks ;)
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Anybody seen some missing BGC cels? (#2)
last modified: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 (11:48:29 AM CST)
Haven't heard anything else from Toru regarding my missing cels and whether or not anybody he e-mailed has replied. Still, I figure you should at least know what they look like so you know 'em when you see 'em, in case anybody puts them up on their gallery or eBay or something (trust me, I check, but it never hurts to have a few more pairs of eyes out there):

This is them >_< So if anybody does see them, do NOT PM me, they rarely get through to me. E-mail me instead, at ksyumekochan-at-aol-dot-com.
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Anybody seen some missing BGC cels?
last modified: Thursday, May 29, 2008 (10:09:09 PM CST)
I was expecting a lot of nine BGC cels that I won off of YJ via my deputy Toru ("Animedep"). It's been quite a while so I e-mailed him and asked if he'd mailed them off yet.

Cue him replying saying he may have sent them to the wrong person x.x

He'd e-mailed me asking for my address, and that same day he sent off some packages, then realized mine was missing. EEEK!!!

He said he'd refund my money if he couldn't track them down, but oh, I was really looking forward to that lot. Especially the Sylia cel and the OP Nene cel -.-;

So if anybody has mysteriously gotten a package of nine BGC cels in the mail from Japan, could you let me know? Please and thank you ;_;
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