Hello! Welcome to Priss-chan's BGC cel gallery! Here you will mostly see cels from Bubblegum Crisis (both the OVA and TV series), but there's also cels from other series here, such as Gall Force and the infamous parody Scramble Wars. Feel free to take a look around, and if you have any questions about any of the cels, feel free to ask!

News & Updates

3/11/2014Wow, LONG time since I've added! I'm not too active in the cel community anymore, and am willing to let some pieces go. If interested, contact me at ksyumekochan-AT-aol-DOT-com ^_^
9/16/2009Added some very lovely douga and genga to the Red Eyes and Moonlight Rambler douga sections today. Check 'em out!
10/23/2008Added some companions for my lone Double Vision cel. Probably the only Vision cels I'll ever be able to afford, lol ^_^
9/16/2008Now that Rubberslug is back up, I'm able to show everyone my catch from NDK this weekend: a concert cel of Priss! Got it from Asylum, and before you ask, no, it was NOT on their site. But I've always known there are some things that you just have to go to the cons to see... ^_^

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AD Police Files (1) 12/4/2002
BGC Tinsel City storyboards (98) 6/14/2007
Bubblegum Crash! OVA (15) 7/9/2003
Bubblegum Crisis 1: Tinsel City (10) 8/11/2017
Bubblegum Crisis 2: Born to Kill (5) 10/25/2007
Bubblegum Crisis 2: Born to Kill douga/genga (33) 7/12/2007
Bubblegum Crisis 3: Blow Up (2) 2/21/2008
Bubblegum Crisis 4: Revenge Road (2) 3/10/2003
Bubblegum Crisis 5: Moonlight Rambler (8) 2/21/2008
Bubblegum Crisis 5: Moonlight Rambler douga/genga (41) 8/11/2017
Bubblegum Crisis 6: Red Eyes (10) 2/21/2008
Bubblegum Crisis 6: Red Eyes douga/genga (7) 9/16/2009
Bubblegum Crisis 7: Double Vision (3) 10/23/2008
Bubblegum Crisis 8: Scoop Chase (16) 2/21/2008
Bubblegum Crisis 8: Scoop Chase douga/genga (13) 9/5/2008
Gall Force (2) 6/7/2004
Scramble Wars (5) 7/1/2008

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